What is RxJS when seen from a mile away?

Short introductory article to RxJS for those who don't know the first thing about it. I used the article to learn and teach RxJS at the same time because at the time I was also new to RxJS.
August 2017
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What it is

First of a series of articles I wrote about RxJS, a really interesting library for reactive programming in JavaScript. While I find reactive programming to be a really interesting paradigm, I found it difficult at first to learn and understand how to use RxJS and even then, how to apply it to real life.

The article tries to explain the very basics concepts of reactive programming in terms of data flow, assuming no knowledge of RxJS or reactive programming, but assuming some knowledge of JavaScript and the functional aspects of it. The article had no real project to show, unlike the next of the series.

I used this opportunity to also expand my knowledge of reactive programming, as I found out that some concepts really sink in when I write about them.