JS Project Setup: Code Quality is simple when you don't have to do anything

Part 1 of a 🤷‍♂️ part series on enforcing/automating code quality on your JavaScript projects and improving your project setup.
February 2019
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What it is

This is the first post in a series about setting up a JavaScript project, along with setting up some known tools and how to make them interact with each other for the purpose of improving the developer's experience (DX).

For this first article in the series, I decided to make it about setting up Prettier and Husky, and making Husky run Prettier format the code commits to ensure that all code being committed follows the same formatting rules. The reason why I decided on these as the first tools in the series is because most other tools will build on them, and Prettier does have some name recognition.

The article is also accompanied by a test project for the single purpose of demonstrating the content of the articles.