Test Automation Engineer Intern

| Austin, TX
Developed an internal automated testing framework from the ground up based on queued jobs. Meteor used for web client, Ruby used for testing scripts.
May 2015
August 2015

What it is

My internship at Spiceworks was my first experience in the tech industry, and it was easily the most influential experience in my University career. In Spiceworks I had my first mentor figure, Alex Wykoff (Hi Alex!). Alex taught me the first things I learned about the development cycle, Meteor, QA, and User Experience. Also the importance of presentation and public speaking.

What I did

At Spiceworks, we developed the groundwork for a continuous integration platform built specifically for Spiceworks projects. In the three months that I was there, we went from an empty Meteor project to presenting a working UI that showed results from manually ran tests in real time.

What we used

The front end application was built with Meteor, so we had a strong focus on JavaScript (by then ES5), HTML and CSS. The tests that were ran for Spiceworks projects were written in Ruby, with a heavy focus on headless browser testing.