Solution Analyst

Deloitte Consulting, LLC
| Orlando, FL
Solution Analyst for Deloitte, where I worked on Angular web applications.
February 2018

What I did

Because of the nature of Deloitte being a consulting firm, it is common for someone to spend their time in many projects, and using a wide variety of technologies. In my case, the most valuable experience from Deloitte is from my time working on Bridges - a State project built for the purpose of State child care and support.

This project is built in Angular 6. And it was, by the time, the first time I had used Angular in such a scale and impact. On that same project, I was also part of the performance improvement effort alongside Bonnie Brennan (@bonnster75), a massive rework of sections of the application so that we could lower our Time to Interactive, and the bundle size of our first load. We accomplished these goals by implementing effective lazy loading (to ease initial bundle size) and modularization, to make sure Webpack was able to tree-shake any unsused modules (to lower size of overwall bundle size).

Bonnie taught me best practices and how to properly build Angular applications, and has been a fantastic mentor.

What we used

At Deloitte I have used JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular, AngularJS, C#, and Java (in order of importance).