Chatbot built from Hubot for a personal chatroom. Built with JavaScript.
October 2017

What it is

Fred is a chat bot built on the Hubot framework. It was initially generated by generator-hubot, and configured to be deployed on Heroku. The scripts are built in JavaScript and CoffeeScript.

Some notable commands include:

  • fred analyze Fred analyzes the sentiment of a string with IBM's Watson and sends to the chat a detailed analysis of the string. The results are later hosted in a MongoDB instance and displayed nicely here.
  • fred weather Fred checks the weather and shows it to the caller. Fred can also check for the forecast of the next week (forecast thanks to Andrew Hopper).
  • fred garage Also developed by Andrew Hopper, Fred scraps UCF Parking's website to find the best garage to park at.

What I did

I first bootstrapped the project with generator-hubot as mentioned before and set up the development and deployment pipelines. I am now in charge of managing the public repo and develop, along with my friends, the scripts that make this bot tick.