Sammy is a... Photographer

Even though I am a developer by trade, I have an intense passion for photography. My main subject is always people, which is why I enjoy portrait photography over any other. That doesn't mean that I don't enjoy other kinds of photography! I'm all for trying new styles and formats, you never know what your next passion will be.

Empire StateStarry Night on PhoneFramed BrotherHeadshot of DuckColorful WallSkully UniformCloseup of Cactus in ChinatownAudrey HepburnWall in New YorkInside RibcageBrass BrotherStanding GirlAmerican Robin in the snowMall towards Lincoln MemorialBrother in front of Washington MemorialBrother in front of Washington Memorial 2Eisenhower Executive Office Building FacadeFabric on the ceiling of Renwick GalleryClay cups in Renwick GalleryDouble Exposure w Alejandra, 2/3Double Exposure w Alejandra, 1/3Double Exposure w Alejandra, 3/3She Sits At The Top Of The World, editedShe Does It, Because She Loves ItAlejandra's Silhouette IAlejandra's Silhouette IIAlejandra's Silhouette IIIAlejandra's Silhouette IVThe Most Well Known Wall in WynwoodWhen in Wynwood...Black Bird IITop of the World IIShe Sits At The Top Of The WorldShe Said I Was An Elephant, So I Became OneMyself at Wynwood WallsBlack Bird ITop Of The World IIIShe's a DancerPortrait by my brotherFriends in Seattle 8
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