Detail of Mom's Work

Sammy is a... Photographer

Even though I am a developer by trade, I have an intense passion for photography. My main subject is always people, which is why I enjoy portrait photography over any other. That doesn't mean that I don't enjoy other kinds of photography! I'm all for trying new styles and formats, you never know what your next passion will be.

Empire State
Starry Night on Phone
Framed Brother
Headshot of Duck
Colorful Wall
Skully Uniform
Closeup of Cactus in Chinatown
Audrey Hepburn
Wall in New York
Inside Ribcage
Brass Brother
Standing Girl
American Robin in the snow
Mall towards Lincoln Memorial
Brother in front of Washington Memorial
Brother in front of Washington Memorial 2
Eisenhower Executive Office Building Facade
Fabric on the ceiling of Renwick Gallery
Clay cups in Renwick Gallery
Double Exposure w Alejandra, 2/3
Double Exposure w Alejandra, 1/3
Double Exposure w Alejandra, 3/3
She Sits At The Top Of The World, edited
She Does It, Because She Loves It